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Choosing black as a principal colour for an apartment refresh is a brave move. But Maison HAND have pulled it off with flying (well lack of) colours. The way they have treated this apartment in Lyon, France has an elegance without feeling cold. It is the architecture of the original apartment itself, that they have highlighted in white, that allows the apartment to breathe. (Photos via Share Design

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Senegal in Africa is not where one might expect to see exemplary modern architecture-but clearly that is a poor assumption, judging from this home. SAOTA Architects and Antoni Associates have created a very stylish residence-which is in fact for a young family. The property is not only superb architecturally, it sits on a cliff over-looking the Atlantic-a well deserved location.

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This home would be beautiful no matter where the location. But its wintery location in Norden, California, could not be more perfect. John Maniscalco Architecture have ensured that every room maxmises the beauty of the landscape. And it feels as cozy as a log fire.  (Photos via Trendir)

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In New Zealand, they have an unusual term to describe a modest holiday home: A ‘Bach’. This Bach designed by Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects on the The Coromandel Peninsula is anything but modest. Views that stretch forever, beautiful timber throughout, and a cut out  window that makes up most of a side of the house - oh and the roll out bath tub on wheels. Maybe modest in size but not in pleasure:) (Photos via CreativeHomeIdea)

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The Black Desert House by Marc Atlan + Oller & Pejic.


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Organic shaped cnc milled objects

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